Plastira 16: 'Disposable gallery', 2006

With the impeding demolition of my family house in 2006 and together with 15 more artists we organized an exhibition-happening that had as an aim the creation of a space where artists of diverse backgrounds could meet and interact outside the boundaries set to artistic creation inside institutionalized art structures.

The artists themselves curated and publicized the exhibition.

The exhibition consisted of site specific installations destined to be demolished together with the building. The common aim of the artists, the similarity of artistic mediums as well as the common thematic content of the works unified the various installations into a total installation- the whole house. During the exhibition, the project evolved into a continuous happening. The viewer, entering the building watched the team at work on various sub-projects, listened to our conversations and participated for a while in our life inside the house. Improvisations of music and painting, theater and dance performances were presented by members of the team as well as by other persons that decided to join us as we went along. The parties that opened and closed the exhibition were also a form of communication with the public.

Participants (among else): Katerina Papazissi, Pavlos Kapalas, Theofanis Katselis, Giannis Spanakis, Giorgos Koumanidis, Maro Zaharogianni, Antzela Liosi, Zoi gaitanidou, Nikolas Giannareas, Stelios Giannoulakis, Iris Gelelkidou, Panagiotis Tsetsonis, Stamatis Diamantopoulos, Tonia Gelekidou, Dimitris Tsiamis and his team, Konstantinos Karvelas, Sylvia Langerbrinck.

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