Killing the father, 2004


Motive: Make the voice of the body heard./ Created for the exhibition: "The Body in Ancient Drama".
Media: Photographs, ink imprints of the body on book pages, tv set.
Themes: Body-Logos, Order-Disorder, clean-dirty, continuity-fragmentation.

The work was created for the exhibition ‘The Body in Ancient Drama’ that took place in the Kronos industrial complex in Eleusina, Greece.
In it, the body attacks the Father/Logos.
Imprints of parts of the body are made using red ink on the text of the tragedy ‘Vacches’ of Euripides.
The pages carrying the imprints are separated from the book and are hung in space, on their flip side bearing black and white photographs of the corresponding 'acting' parts of the body.
On a tv in the center is projected the performance in which the imprints are created.