Flesh of the World - Small sample of large works 2016-18

Works on paper, soft pastel and watercolour.
Exploring the quality of flesh, observed as a common quality of the human body and the natural world. Both the human body and the natural world are portrayed as living, sentient beings and connections are made between human and natural states.
Painting as a ritual of connection, to overcome the separation of self and world imposed by the dualistic philosophy of our culture.

Working on these paintings I looked to Baroque painting and especially the work of Caravaggio and Rubens, intending to study the creation of pictorial space in terms of the body and flesh, desiring to bring this quality back to painting.

 The Fall 2016. Soft pastel 87x125cm   Katerina Papazissi 
 Papazissi Inferno 2017 Pastel87x125   Katerina Papazissi 
 Resurrection2017 Pastel87x125   Katerina Papazissi 
 Unknown pleasures2016 Pastel 70x100   Katerina Papazissi 
 Coming in waves, 2017 pastel 1x1.5m   Katerina Papazissi 
 Intertwining 2018 Aquarelle 1.5x2m   Katerina Papazissi 
 A bunch, 2016 Watercolour 24x36 cm     
 Hide and seek, 2017 35x50cm