Katerina Papazissi
solo exhibition

Katerina Papazissi’s first solo exhibition, entitled “That that is not”, curated by Georgia Voudouri and Maria Yiayiannou, opens on Friday, November 28, at 8:30 pm. The exhibition takes place at the studio of the artist (31, Praxitelous rd., 2nd floor) and will last until December 23, 2014.

Katerina Papazissi’s artistic proposal is dedicated to the body and the city.
With painting, drawing and photocollage being her main artistic media, she introduces us to a fragmented corporeal realm, which spans the entire range of canvas sizes. While studying the points of contact between two bodies as well as those of their separation, the artist discovers the importance of the void, a predominantly non-place where desire and communication hold the reins.

Over and among the shells that surround us as a second skin, Papazissi finds a series of lines/voids/intervals out of which the inside of a building emerges, from which an active dialogue between the lifeless building and the life which it contains takes place. The artist defines the construction materials of the relationships that build us and therefore, tear us down, uniting the urban landscape with “The Skin it lives in”.

Overturning Lucio Fontana’s Spazialismus ―since, here,what looks like a slot is actually what unites - she attempts to reveal the depth of desire, as a counterpoint to the ‘endless surface’ that reality, according to the artist, has become.

“That that is not” is precisely what “is”: the space that breathes between us, offering itself to be filled. As, in this case, the space where the conditions of communication are created is the same place where the works emerge: the artist’s studio, an ideal site for the viewer to meet the artist through art.

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 17:00-21:00, Saturday 12:00-16:00
& upon request
Where: 31, Praxitelous str, Athens, 2nd floor